Uncensored Nationalism!


If you ever visit the Lady Monastery in Tawang you may come across a kid expressing gentle hospitality which per se is a trademark of almost all the locals here. He escorted us to the monastery and explained us various traditions practiced there. He displayed a maturity that could beat most of ours!

What is your name?
“My name is Home Nurp”

Do you go to school? (Considering the remoteness of that monastery even from the main Tawang valley, accessible via a 15 mins ropeway or long carved roads I doubted)
“Yes! I do but in the school of LAMA’s”

Bade hoke kya banna chahoge? (What would you like to be growing up?)
He at first hesitated a bit but when I insisted replied enthusiastically “FAUJI!” (Soldier)

And the army men standing besides guarding the monastery and listening quietly to our conversation exclaimed “JE BAAT!” (that’s like my boy!)

No matter how remote you be or what system of education you receive, the idea to serve the nation always stays prime.
His words are also a slap at the claims of China over the region under the garb of ethnic similarities and myth of local support.


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